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Parent Trainings:

Join us each month as one of our therapists presents a FREE virtual training on a common topic.

How to Engage your Babe with Books

Description: We know that reading is a foundational skill for academic and linguistic success, but how do we get off to a solid start before the ABC’s are even mastered? This course will teach you strategies to develop a strong foundation around shared book reading, and offer some creative solutions to prevent and repair book bumbles.
3 Learning Outcomes:

  • Identify early literacy skills and behaviors, beyond letter recognition and naming
  • Identify preferred qualities in books across different age ranges
  • State different behaviors that promote positive literacy interactions

Start with Art

Summer Session 1 (2021)
June 18: Sidewalk chalk paint
Materials: cornstarch, water, food coloring, cups or muffin tin, paintbrushes or sponges
Developmental targets: fine motor with paintbrushes/pouring, gross motor with squat to stand
Language strategy: Repetition (wet/dry, colors)

June 25: Oobleck and nature soup
Materials: cornstarch, water, food coloring, mixing bowl, measuring cups, various items from outside (sticks, rocks, flowers, etc)
Developmental targets: fine motor skills with mixing, stirring, pincer grasp for selecting items, gross motor skills with walking and reaching/squatting to get items.
Language strategy: Narration of what the child is doing while adding items and while playing in oobleck.

July 2: Splatter Painting
Materials: Thick paper or cardboard (or regular paper if not possible) food coloring, liquid watercolors (or maybe tempera, haven’t tried that one but I will test it out this weekend), cotton balls, wooden spoon, cups, water
Developmental targets: fine motor skills with grasping spoon, using eyedropper. Gross motor with arm movements for hitting cotton balls.
Language strategy: Sabotage or Surprise (being silly with the element of getting to hit things!!!)

July 9: Chalk Nature Art
Materials: jumbo sidewalk chalk, water, branches, leaves, etc
Developmental targets: fine motor skills with grasping chalk, making strokes. Gross motor with possibly balance and squat to stand or sit to stand.
Language strategy: Pausing, parents to demonstrate and then wait for the child to imitate. Also following the child’s lead once the child has the strategy of the activity down.

Title: Navigating Early Emotions through Connection & Communication
Description: Come learn about how to work with your child to conquer those difficult behaviors in everyday life. Walk away with skills to understand your child’s perspective and support both of you as you strengthen your relationship through daily moments.
Date: Thursday, June 24th 6pm

Title: The RL Way
Description: Join us to learn our therapeutic approach as we discuss the foundation for development and how we integrate strategies into daily moments.
Date: 2nd Wednesday of the month at 1pm

Making Music & Learning Language
FREE Virtual music class

Join our musician, Jody Mulgrew, and Michelle Loftus (Speech Language Pathologist) as they work together to incorporate speech and language strategies into music!  Toddlers 18 months to 3 years old will have so much fun singing and dancing all while working on new communication skills!  Parents will leave with fun songs to incorporate into everyday routines!

Currently, we are offering one class per week alternating mornings and afternoons. Strategies targeted will repeat for two weeks but we strongly encourage families to join every week!

What you need:

  • Register for class (below)
  • Safe place to move around with minimal distractions
  • Zoom device out of reach from your child

What you MAY want nearby (optional):

  • Shaker item (i.e. sharper, keys, rice/beans in tupperware, etc)
  • Box/bucket (i.e. empty milk/water bottle, empty oatmeal container)
  • Wooden spoons
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June – August 2021 Class Schedule

Mondays 3-3:30pm, starting March 1- August 30

Wednesdays 9-9:30am, starting March 10- August 25

Don’t forget to ask us about our virtual groups including music classes and more!

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